Feb 2, 2022

Why you NEED a videographer for your Elopement…

Couple Eloping at Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Colorado

What does a videographer do?

Let’s start with the basics: What does a videographer do during an elopement or during the planning process?

A videographer’s role during the planning process or “Pre-elopement” is pretty similar to the photographer and we offer similar help. We can help you find locations, flights, places to stay, places to elope, hike, visit, and much more! We can even offer help planning the elopement. Most importantly, we can offer our knowledge. Help you answer any questions, concerns, and planning.

During the elopement we will work along side the photographer getting all the content that we need as well as the photographer. This is usually a pretty seamless process that you don’t even notice as the couple. Of course, this is just the very gist of how things go during the day just as a “summary,” but it will hopefully help with the process!

Why you NEED to have a videographer!

Now, this will just be a summary of why you need a videographer. There will be another post for the “Top 5 Reasons the Hire a Videographer for your elopement” coming soon that will go more in depth in each topic as to why you don’t just want a videographer, but NEED one.

Capturing every moment

Let’s start with the most important, video captures so much more than a single moment. Obviously photos are super important, but imagine being able to see, feel, and re-watch entire moments of your day. As a videographer, we tend to be almost always recording to capture all of the special moments, and you would be surprised how many moments we capture that you didn’t even realized happened. For example, the complete reaction of your fiancĂ© during your first look rather than just one single frame or two. Of course, I am not saying do not get a photographer because you absolutely should. There are just some things that photographer cannot capture that video can. We will go more in depth with examples in our more extensive blog post.

Sharing with your friends and family

On your elopement, you are most likely not going to have very many people from your friends and family there. So what better way to show them how amazing your elopement was than with video? Now, the elopement video is 100000% for you and for your memories, but one of the benefits is being able to share with those who were not able to attend. Often times couples will have a small reception with family and friends after their elopement, whether its days or months after, and it could be a great time to share you video during that reception. Having a video is just an awesome way to be able to share with everyone.

Drone footage is a plus

I would say that a majority of videographers now a days have some experience with drones or have one to use for elopements. It’s a pretty awesome tool we tend to have in our kits to show off the landscapes. There are a few struggles with drone however. We will be making a blog post about “Things to look out for with being offered drone footage.” But to recap, you need a part 107 license or similar to legally fly a drone in the U.S.. On top of that there are many places that we are not allowed to fly such as National Parks.

BUT! When done right, we can capture some AMAZING things and show off the absolutely stunning nature of your location. It’s kind of a must have in your package if you are eloping!

More to come

These are just some of the most important reasons that you should hire a videographer for your elopement, but there are PLENTY more where that came from! Take a look at our blog posts to see more about elopement tips and tricks as well as some really fun things to learn.

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