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This is YOUR day, which means we are your helping hand...ALL DAY! We'll make sure both of you stay warm, cool, hydrated, & don't go hungry. We'll be here to make your day the best! 


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10 Free Flights Booked

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30+ trails explored

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Planning an elopement is stressful...

Need help planning your next adventure?

Let's be honest...eloping is better than a wedding, am I right? Less stress, no family drama, and most importantly, you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT! I will repeat this over and over. The reason I am so passionate about eloping is because whenever I find the love of my life (like you have), I will 100% be eloping. I mean for real, you can go paragliding in the swiss alps, snowboarding in Italy, take a freaking helicopter to the top of a mountain to say your vows. If you're more of a beach person, you can sip mimosas on the beach while you say your vows. The possibilities are literally endless. No structure, no drama, no strict timeline. Just show up and have the best time of our lives. This is exactly why I will be eloping when the time comes and I absolutely LOVE that you are doing this. 

Well, because it's awesome of course.

Why would you elope?

I love to research and learn, so when it comes to the things I love in life such as travel, adventures, camping, and things alike, I tend to do a ton of research. Something I have recently learned is that I love to teach others things I've learned, so I hope you brought you notebook (not actually though). I want to pass on my knowledge to everyone, including you! This means you get all of my travel tips, tricks, and hacks to help you have an ever better adventure. 

We Love Helping Others, Including You!

I'm James. Not your average person. A little bit of goof, fun, adventure, & somehow an engineer. I have been making videos & taking photos for a little over 13 years since I picked up a camera in high school. I'll be honest, I do like to tell people I have an engineering degree, but that's only because I feel like it empowers how much I love making videos considering I have never and probably will never use my degree. Don't worry, my partner will be added to this page soon. Her name is Krista! 

We'll Make Sure Your Day Is Awesome

definitely not flipping you off, I promise 

I'm Glad You Asked

Who are we?

September 2022 - Italy, Spain
November 2022 - Michigan
December 2022 - France, Sweden, Germany
January 2023 - Broomfield, CO
February 2023 - France, Czech Republic
March - April - Colorado
May 2023 - Santorini, Greece & TBD

Check out where I'll be and if you find yourself in the same place at the same time, let's meet up and create some magic.

Where are we?


and well exceeded our expectations!

 beyond    perfect

Our wedding video was 

to work with! I still watch my highlight
                   video at least twice a month.

to work with! I still watch
     my highlight video at least
                          twice a month.

so       great

James was 

for the rest of our lives!

 we will    

James was great to work with and created a
                 beautiful wedding highlight video that

James was great to work with
       and created a beautiful
             wedding highlight video that

with our video from James
                                   at True Summit Films!

very happy

We were 

 and we can't stop watching it.


Our video was

I chose to hire True Summit to be a
                        part of our elopement!


James captured our day perfectly.  I'm