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Well in this day and age it seems more and more common but we met on a dating app! With absolutely no idea what was going to happen we both went on a date that turned out to be one of the best things of our lives. From 2021 to now where we are engaged and living happily in a place that we love. We are ready for the new chapter in life just like you! We understand your pains haha, we are also in the process of planning, however we do have the experience to back it up so it's going to be a much easier process. BUT we're always happy to help out where we can. 

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We've grown as a couple who travels, explores, & adventures. Our first trip was actually a surprise trip where Krista has no idea where we were going. She didn't find out until the airport. So of course I had to carry on the tradition when I took her to Costa Rica to Propose. This time she had no idea until we got to customs. We've always had a passion for new explorations, places, things, and activities. We spend our free time enjoying outdoors activities and exploring new things in life. 

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Let's be honest...eloping is better than a wedding, am I right? Less stress, no family drama, and most importantly, you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT! I will repeat this over and over. My Fiance and I ABSOLUTELY plan on eloping. You know, some cool stuff like going to the Swiss Alps or see the norther lights in Norway, and so much more. See, the really cool thing about eloping is that the possibilities of what to do are literally endless. You could go skydiving, climb a mountain, enjoy the waves on the beach, and so much more. Of course elopements can also save you some money compared to a wedding, but with the extra money you save, you can plan a super long honeymoon and just enjoy the time with you and your favorite person ever. 

Well, because it's awesome of course.

Why would you elope?

February 2024 - Dominican Republic
March 2024 - Washington State
May 2024 - Greece + Europe
Summer 2024 - Colorado
July 2024 - Ouray, Colorado
August 2024 - Olympic National Park, WA
September 2024 - Malta + Europe
Winter 2024 - TBD

Check out where we'll be for the next year or so on our adventures. 

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and well exceeded our expectations!

 beyond    perfect

Our wedding video was 

to work with! I still watch my highlight
                   video at least twice a month.

to work with! I still watch
     my highlight video at least
                          twice a month.

so       great

James was 

for the rest of our lives!

 we will    

James was great to work with and created a
                 beautiful wedding highlight video that

James was great to work with
       and created a beautiful
             wedding highlight video that

with our video from James
                                   at True Summit Films!

very happy

We were 

 and we can't stop watching it.


Our video was

I chose to hire True Summit to be a
                        part of our elopement!


James captured our day perfectly.  I'm