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Elopements are SO much less stressful than weddings but can still be hard to manage all by yourself. Let me take that stress away & help you plan.

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You HAVE to have a videographer for your elopement. Luckily I am here to do just that AND more! Oh, and don't forget the photographer! 

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Want to avoid the stress? I'll help you with your planning, travels, timeline, locations, and much more. 

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Let's CELEBRATE! I'll join your adventures and we will create an amazing day!



I'll send you a full elopement guide and help you with your planning for a stress-free experience.

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Looking outside the US? Of course I travel! I will go to just about anywhere in the world. 

International elopements

For elopements anywhere in the US, even if you don't know where yet! (PS. I can help with that)


So you've picked either Colorado or Michigan, eh? These packages are just for you. 


Believe it or not, videography captures a completely different essence of your day...more than just a single frame of a special moment, but the ENTIRE moment. Capturing all of the emotions, reactions, & smiles. You may not be able to frame a video on your wall, BUT you can re-live every moment of your special day. On average, couples watch their wedding video at least once every month or two. 

Whether you are staying local or traveling across the world, I can help you plan your elopement and SAVE you some money and even help you earn some FREE flights or hotel stays. I know, it doesn't sound real, but it is! Don't worry, it's all super easy to follow and I know we'll have a great time! So let's get to chatting, hit that button below for some more info. 

I craft intentional stories through visual artistry. Let me tell yours. 


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Our wedding video was

Welcome! I'm James, a Denver, Colorado based Adventure Elopement Videographer. You may notice that I only offer videography. That's because I do! I want to ensure that you get the ABSOLUTE best video possible & with only focusing on my video craft, you WILL get an AWESOME video. You may often find me on top of a mountain with an awesome eloping couple or literally climbing up one with them! Let's make your dream elopement a reality!

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