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February 2024 - Dominican Republic
March 2024 - Washington State
May 2024 - Greece + Europe
Summer 2024 - Colorado
September 2024 - Malta + Europe
Winter 2024 - TBD

Check out where I'll be and if you find yourself in the same place at the same time, let's meet up and create some magic.

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Do you offer a separate services?


How long have you been creating content?

Where Can I Find Your Full Pricing Guide?

Will We Meet You Before Our Elopement?

How much do you charge for travel?

Do You Film Traditional Weddings or Just Elopements?

We specialize in Photography & Videography for adventure and destination elopements. We do offer some discounted rates and great offers for a photo + video package, but also offer them separately if needed.

We've been in business for just about 8 years and have been creating content and practicing since 2011 back in high school. Photo and video has been a passion for quite a long time despite getting an engineering degree (that is unused 😂)

Of course! Depending on where you live, we can either meet in person or via video chat. There's a high chance that we get on a call or video chat before you even book! 

Putting all of our pricing on a page on our site would be a VERY long page so instead we put our starting prices on the website. If you want some more info on pricing for our packages, shoot us a message and we can send it over.

Travel is included in our pricing. This way you don't have to worry about any additional or extra fees added onto the price you see on the pricing guide. 

We specialize in destination and adventure elopements so that you have the absolute best possible team! If you are doing a micro wedding with less than 15 people, we also do that.