If there is one thing to know about your elopement, it's that this is your day. YOU get to pick what to do, where to do it, & when to do it! The ABSOLUTE BEST part of an elopement is that you can do literally anything you want. From helicopter rides, off roading in the woods, soaking up the sun on the beach of Bali, or wandering around Europe, the choice is YOURS...

Let's Capture The Love

Let's Start Your New Adventure

Let's Make It About You

This is your day

Of course I will show off your EPIC location, but my main focus is you two. Telling the story of your day is the most powerful part of your elopement video.

Focus On Your Story, Not Just The Cool Views

From planning to delivery, the entire process with be as stress-free as you can imagine. I am here to be your guide through your planning process.

Stress-Free Elopement, Booking, & Planning

Would you believe me if I told you I have gone on TEN FREE flights in the past year? I am more than your videographer, I am your helping hand.

Getting Travel Tips From A Seasoned Traveler

Let's Elope TOGETHER

Elopement Package Destinations

CO Packages

US Elopements

International Elopements

Coverage ranges from a minimum of 4 hours to multi-day elopements. 

Coverage for anywhere in the US. This includes all travel fees.

Anywhere you want, we will be there. Oh, and yes travel fees are included. 

All Elopement Packages & Pricing Listed Below

Travel Fees To Anywhere In Colorado

Personalized webpage with your video(s) &/or photos to download and share. 

Elopement Video On Personalized Page

With more than enough time spent in each state, you will get the best planning and travel assistance with personal knowledge of each state. 

Elopement Planning & Travel Assistance

Coverage for Colorado start at a minimum of 4 hours but can go all the way up to a multi-day elopement! 

Coverage Anywhere In Colorado

Colorado Elopement Packages Include:

Beaches or Mountains, either way, I'm in! I've had my fair share of time in both places so I am ready! 

Anywhere in CO elopement packages

Travel Fees To Anywhere In The US

Personalized webpage with your video(s) &/or photos to download and share. 

Elopement Gallery Personalized Page

We can get your locations, permits, vendors, and anything else you may need for your elopement figured out. 

Elopement Planning & Travel Assistance

Video & Photo coverage for anywhere in the US starts at a minimum of a 6 hour day and can go all the way up to a multi-day elopement! 

Coverage Anywhere In The US

US Elopement Packages Include:

With all of the different options in the USA your elopement is going to be AWESOME!  Need some ideas? Just let me know! 

anywhere in the usa elopement packages

Travel Fees To Anywhere In The World

Elopement Gallery On Personalized Page

I will help with planning, permits, locations, travel recommendations, & more!

Elopement Planning & Travel Assistance

If we're flying out to a whole 'nother county, you bet your butt that I'll be covering the whole day (up to 12 hours). I also have options for multi-day elopements! 

Full Day Coverage Anywhere In The World

Destination Elopement Packages Include:

With the whole world to pick from I bet you have the most EPIC spot picked out for your elopement! If not, I can totally help with that.

international Elopement Packages

Planning Checklist

Customized Timeline

Location Scouting*

Elopement Guide

Unlimited Consultations

Coverage Time

every collection includes:

No matter where you decide you want to elope, you're covered. Iceland? Italy? Asia? LET'S GO! Just remember, this is YOUR day & you can do literally ANYTHING you want. You want to eat a pizza at the top of the Swiss Alps? No, problem, I'll even carry the pizza up the mountain. Let's do this dang thang! 

elopement packages

Personalized webpage with your video(s) and/or photos to download and share. 

This first step is super easy! Just send me a message and we can hop on a video call. I'm sure you'd love to meet me. I am sure dying to meet you guys! Let's get your date on the books. 

Booking your elopement
 creative team

Need any help planning or with your travel plans? I totally got your back. I'll send over a COMPLETE elopement guide that will make planning your elopement a breeze. 




Hire Us

Best Day Of Your Lives

Planning & Travel

Just like it says above, you are going to have the best day of your lives. We will follow along for your special day and capture all the goodies to make you one hell of a video. 

and well exceeded our expectations!

 beyond    perfect

Our wedding video was 

to work with! I still watch my highlight
                   video at least twice a month.

to work with! I still watch
     my highlight video at least
                          twice a month.

so       great

James was 

for the rest of our lives!

 we will    

James was great to work with and created a
                 beautiful wedding highlight video that

James was great to work with
       and created a beautiful
             wedding highlight video that

with our video from James
                                   at True Summit Films!

very happy

We were 

 and we can't stop watching it.


Our video was

I chose to hire True Summit to be a
                        part of our elopement!


James captured our day perfectly.  I'm

Do you offer a videography only package?


How long have you been creating content?

Where Can I Find Your Full Pricing Guide?

Will We Meet You Before Our Elopement?

How much do you charge for travel?

Do You Film Traditional Weddings or Just Elopements?

We specialize in both photo and video. You can book them together or just book one or the other! Whichever option works best for you. We do recommend hiring us as a team since it will save on travel cost and having a team is so much easier than 2 people who don't know each other! 

I have been making videos and taking photos for over 15 years and filming/'photographing weddings and elopements for over 6 years! This has been and will most likely always be my full time job. I absolutely love what I do and would never look back! 

Of course! Depending on where you live, we can either meet in person or via video chat. There's a high change that we get on a call or video chat before you even book! 

I can send over a full pricing guide after you inquire! I have different guides for various locations throughout the world. Contact me at the contact page and I can send over a pricing guide and some more information to get you started. 

Travel is always included in our pricing (even the starting pricing). This way you don't have to worry about any additional or extra fees added onto the price you see on the pricing guide. 

I exclusively work with adventure elopements. I am naturally an adventurer so this way I get to combine the two things I love most. Filming videos and adventures.