If there is one thing to know about your elopement, it's that this is your day. YOU get to pick what to do, where to do it, & when to do it! The ABSOLUTE BEST part of an elopement is that you can do literally anything you want. From helicopter rides, off roading in the woods, soaking up the sun on the beach of Bali, or wandering around Europe, the choice is YOURS...

Let's Capture The Love

Let's Start Your New Adventure

Let's Make It About You

This is your day

We've strayed away from the typical style of capturing elopements and started really focusing on your story. 

Focus On Your Story, Not Just The Cool Views

We strive to have the least stressful planning process and elopement as possible. We're here to help when and where it's needed! 

Stress-Free Elopement, Booking, & Planning

Would you believe me if I told you I have gone on TEN FREE flights in the past year? Want to learn how to do it? 

Getting Travel Tips From A Seasoned Traveler

Let's Elope TOGETHER

Elopement Package Destinations

CO Packages

US Elopements

International Elopements

Packages for those getting married in the state of Colorado. 

These packages are for anyone eloping outside of Colorado but within the US.

We travel to any country we're able to, you name it!

Travel Fees Included

Elopement Gallery + Video Link

Elopement Planning & Travel Assistance

Half, Full, & Multi-Day Coverage

Our Photo + Video Packages include every essential you could need for your elopement. We do have additional items available for add on if you are looking for a little more.

Elopement Photo + Video

Our elopement packages include all of the necessities that you would need for your elopement. We offer elopements locally in Colorado, In all 50 states, and various countries abroad! We offer a half day, full day, and multi-day coverage for many locations. 

elopement packages

Inquire for special pricing!

1 Photographer & 1 Filmmaker

Elopement Film

Fully Edited High Resolution Images

Print Rights

Custom Elopement Timeline

Drone Footage & Photos

Unlimited Consultations

Travel Fees Included

Personalized Elopement Gallery

Elopement Planning & Travel Assistance

Half, Full, & Multi-Day Coverage

Our photography packages available for those who are not looking for video. We do also offer video as a stand alone package if needed.

Elopement Photography

Inquire for special pricing!

1 Photographer

Fully Edited High Resolution Images

Print Rights

Custom Elopement Timeline

Unlimited Consultations

Nothing but great times here. Go for some adventures, see new places, explore the next chapter in your lives.

Have A Great Time


ALL of our packages include elopement planning and travel assistance. This means we can help you plan your elopement to avoid even more stress.

Let's Plan Something


Having a chat doesn't mean we're here to sell you anything. We just love helping out where we can. This is a place for you to ask questions and get info.

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Let's create your stress-free experience

and well exceeded our expectations!

 beyond    perfect

Our wedding video was 

to work with! I still watch my highlight
                   video at least twice a month.

to work with! I still watch
     my highlight video at least
                          twice a month.

so       great

James was 

for the rest of our lives!

 we will    

James was great to work with and created a
                 beautiful wedding highlight video that

James was great to work with
       and created a beautiful
             wedding highlight video that

with our video from James
                                   at True Summit Films!

very happy

We were 

 and we can't stop watching it.


Our video was

I chose to hire True Summit to be a
                        part of our elopement!


James captured our day perfectly.  I'm

Do you offer a separate services?


How long have you been creating content?

Where Can I Find Your Full Pricing Guide?

Will We Meet You Before Our Elopement?

How much do you charge for travel?

Do You Film Traditional Weddings or Just Elopements?

We specialize in Photography & Videography for adventure and destination elopements. We do offer some discounted rates and great offers for a photo + video package, but also offer them separately if needed.

We've been in business for just about 8 years and have been creating content and practicing since 2011 back in high school. Photo and video has been a passion for quite a long time despite getting an engineering degree (that is unused 😂)

Of course! Depending on where you live, we can either meet in person or via video chat. There's a high chance that we get on a call or video chat before you even book! 

Putting all of our pricing on a page on our site would be a VERY long page so instead we put our starting prices on the website. If you want some more info on pricing for our packages, shoot us a message and we can send it over.

Travel is included in our pricing. This way you don't have to worry about any additional or extra fees added onto the price you see on the pricing guide. 

We specialize in destination and adventure elopements so that you have the absolute best possible team! If you are doing a micro wedding with less than 15 people, we also do that.